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Caterpillar Roll

Tempura, Cucumber, Mango, Avocado with Spicy Sauce & Mayonnaise
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Kiku Roll

Deep Fried Prawn, Avocado, Cucumber, Tobiko, BBQ Ebi, Mayonnaise

Spider Roll

Mango California Roll

Crab Meat, Avocado, Mango

Dragon Roll

Unagi, Cucumber, Tamago, Avocado, Tobiko
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Sweetie Roll

Pumpkin, Cucumber, Yam, Avocado

Awesome Roll

Spicy Salmon, Crab Meat, Avacado, Tempura Bita
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Philadelphia Roll

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Salmon, Crab Meat, Avocado, Cucumber
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Rainbow Roll

Assorted Sashimi, Crab Meat, Avocado

Winter California Roll

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Volcano Roll

Spicy Scallops, Crab Meat, Asparagus, Red Snapper, Shrimp, Cheese

Las Vegas Roll

Spicy Salmon, Asparagus, Deep Fried Batter, Cream Cheese.
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Metro Roll

Spicy Tuna, Crab Meat, Avacado, Tempura Bita
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Montreal Roll

Atlantic Salmon, Tempura Batter, Avocado, Cucumber with Spicy Sauce
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Pink Roll

Smoked Salmon, Salmon, Cucumber, Avocado, Mayonnaise
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Salmon Hana Roll

Atlantic Salmon Wrapped with Chopped Scallop & Sushi Rice
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Tiger Roll

Ebi, Avocado, Tamago, Tobiko
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Winter Dynamite Roll

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Spicy Green Roll

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Salmon Tempura Roll

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Winter Unagi Roll

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America Roll

Two Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab,Tuna, Tobiko, Avocado, Cucumber, Special...
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Vegetable Dragon Roll

Bean Curd, Sweet Beans, Avocado, Carrot, Cucumber
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Ocean Roll

Mixed Seafood, Masago
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Sockeye Hana Sushi

Wild Salmon Wrapped with Tobiko & Sushi Rice
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Butterfly Roll

BBQ Salmon Skin, Unagi Sauce, Onions, Green Peppers, Red Peppers