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Icluded Miso Soup and Ebi Sunomono.

Legend:  vegetarian vegetarian  

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Chicken Teriyaki Dinner Box

Chicken Teriyaki, 5 pcs House Roll, 5 pcs Tempura Roll, 1 pc Kolokke and...
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Beef Teriyaki Dinner Box

Beef Teriyaki, 5 pcs House Roll, 5 pcs Tempura, 1 pc Kolokke, Salad Ri...
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Sashimi Dinner Box

6 pcs Sashimi, 3 pcs Sushi, 1 pc Kolokke, Chicken Karrage, 8 pcs California...
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Vegetable Dinner Box Vegetarian

Tofu Teriyaki, Veggie Tempura, 6 pcs Inari Roll, 8 pcs Asparagus Roll,...